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Reply with quote Question about Tokoname teapot

Reply with quoteQuestion about Tokoname teapot
Hi all, I'm new to teachat, and relatively new to green tea.

I've got a tetsubin teapot, which I'm not very satisfied with (I'm sure most of you know why, no space to expand leaves etc...).
Recently I have decided to go for a new teapot, but I would like answer to couple of questions before I buy it. It's mainly for gyokuro, sencha, gunpowder, but I don't know if it will be ok if I use it for some black tea?

This is the pot i found on :

I like the design, and Sasame filter, but there isn't any information about which material is the pot made of. Is it standard for all tokoname pots, so I shouldn't worry bout that? Are there any more attributes I should care about?
Also, about tokoname/kyusu pots with removable filters, does the plastic part of filter affect the taste of tea?

+1 to what Chip says about Artistic Nippon. also that type/size of pot would be fine for sencha..not so much for Gyo. you will need a much smaller pot. as far as the filter..i only have sesame in any of mine. the one i have for my kids has stainless plastic. I personally would not want the plastic in mine heating up with boiling water

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